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May 22nd, 1944

May 22nd

My darling;

This isn’t going to be much of a letter as I don’t have anything to write about. Lee didn’t go to New York today after-all. The check that came from the Treasury dept, which was his tax refund, had to be signed by Clem also, so poor Lee still had no money. He tried to borrow $25.00 from me. I been telling everyone I’m broke thus keeping my money straight and in the bank.

No mail from anyone. Not even you. But I’m sure I’ll get one tomorrow. I wrote Mom. But I put off Sis again until tonight. Now I think I’ll write her tomorrow.

I’m sort of hungry now. Wish I had some peanuts to eat. But I’m even too lazy to go over and get myself some. So I guess I’ll go to bed feeling this way.

Wasn’t quite as lonesome today as yesterday. Gee Janey, I missed you Saturday and Sunday. I miss you more on those days then any other time.

Well honey this is about all. Wish I could tell you more about what is going on but can’t. Don't worry about me. I still & always will love my wife - And honey I know you are sure of that also.

One more last thing. My cold is much better, but I still have some of it with me yet. Be Good - I love you always -

All my love



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