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May 20th, 1944

May 20, 1944

My darling;

Here it is Sunday afternoon. I missed you more today than any day I been gone from you. And only you know how much we can miss each other.

Bill took off today, so I’m starting to pull his duty for him now. And this makes a fine time to write a letter. Plan on writing mom also this evening. I haven’t written her for some time now. Bill didn’t know if Kay was going to meet him or not, he had to push up his leave two days and that sort of messed up their plans.

That tax refund sure came at the right time. You still didn’t give me the true balance of our account. You said how much you had in your account and how much you had credited me with. What I really want to know is the exact amount we have in the bank. Lee Ferrell got his refund today and he plans on going to New York and spend it tomorrow. Their refund amounted to $107.00 you remember I told you that he asked Clem for $125.00. She gave it to him and he flew home on it. He told her that he hadn’t drawn any money since he left her. And I know and Lee admitted he had drawn $70.00 on 25th April. Well if he wants to lie to his wife I guess that is his privilege. But I don’t think it the thing to do, do you?

Tell me more about that job Lockard mentioned to you in the bank. It could be interesting.

Betty the letter did not have a postage due on it and I mail all your postcards. I’m trying to get a copy of the regulations in regards to our mail. I’ll send it to you as soon as I can.

Betty I can’t send you Beverly’s letters. You can’t put one enclosure of that type in a letter. I’m writing Bev and telling her she got to write you letters now separate from me for that reason.

Keep me posted on Borden’s strike. It should be interesting to us.

Betty all I can do is answer questions and write questions. Nothing else much to say. I can say I had a nice trip Saturday but was very tired when I got back.

Well hon, be a good girl and I’ll try and write you more often. I certainly haven’t written you too many letters since I last saw you. I’ll try and do better. Hon I love you very much - And you know that. Hope & Pray that we get together again very soon. I need you - And I believe you need me - Be good -

All my love


P.S. Tell your mother she’d waste 53 cents by sending a telegram. She can apply that on the phone bill.


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