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May 1st, 1945

1st May 45

My darling;

I’ve been sitting by my radio all day hoping to hear the news that the war was over. But here it is 8:00pm and no news yet.

Janey I have a wonderful set up in this town. I have a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath for myself and Lt. Blanchette. If I stay here very long I believe I’ll get a housekeeper to keep the place clean, and wash my clothes. What do you think? You know that is all normal now. But we have to pay for that service, 25 cents a day. Let me know your opinion. Oh yes, just in passing the battery guidon is required to fly, or be up in the front yard of the house I occupy. Just if anyone is looking for me, They know where I sleep.

Honey the only trouble having a place like this, is that I think of you too much. It is the same as living at home again but no wife to take care of you. And I’m sure I don’t want any substitute. I’ve got too good a wife at Three Oaks. Gee honey I wish I was home.

Betty there isn’t any news to write, but how would you like to send me some Cheese and crackers. Say once you said everyone was sending home goods for their wives to make dresses from. That was only in one Battalion. We never received any of that.

Honey take good care of yourself. I should be home before too long - I’d love to see you darling.

All my love



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