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May 19th, 1945

Gresse, Germany

19 May 45

My darling;

Just a short letter to let you know what I have been doing for two days. Honestly honey, I haven’t done a thing.

Got up at 0630 for reveille and had the usual breakfast of powdered eggs. After that I got a Flag American from a American citizen to put up in front of Battalion Headquarters. She made this flag for me and it really looks good. Getting the flag pole fixed and everything. In the afternoon I slept and last night I went to the show, “the man on half moon street”. Not very good.

Today I did less, but I’m going to be busy tomorrow I know.

Received another letter about cloth so I tried to find something for you. I did find a parachute. It contains white silk cloth, so I’m going to send the whole chute home to you.

Well Janey this isn’t much I know. I wish I was home with you. And I’ll try. I sure don’t have enough points to get out of this army do I.

Be good - I love you so

All my love



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