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May 19th, 1944

May 19, 1944

My darling;

I’m going to start your letter this noon as there always seems to be something new comes up every evening.

The other night I got home about eight-thirty. I was quite lonesome and very much ready to start those days over again. Then I would wake up and went right back to my business. My trip for today was postponed until tomorrow. Other than that everything is ok.

Plan on writing mom and Sis some time today. I think I should, don’t you?

Everything is the same. Bill is going to meet Kay at her sister’s house Sunday. And he is scheduled to be on duty the same day. So I told him I'd do that for him as I don’t plan on doing anything this week-end.

Honey how is everything at home? Was my mother glad to see you? I hope so.

My cold is a lot better. Dr. Mushility gave some medicine and I been taken that regular so I should get rid of it.

Betty this is short, but I’m going to let it go so it will get in the mail today. I’ll write again tonight I hope. Got to go back to work. Noon hour is over. See I even think of you at dinner time. Miss you a lot - Be good

All my love


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