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March 7th, 1945

At 0945 on the 7th, the battalion passed through Kesternich, in the order C, Hq, B, A, Service-- the route of march took the Bn through Lammersdorf, Huertgen, Gergheim, Nideggen where the battalion crossed the Roer River which had proved such a stubborn obstacle in the path of at least two allied armies in their push to the Rhine Valley although it’s size was not indicative of its will to resist, this insignificant stream had played a large part in the strategy of the winter campaign. By 1400, the battalion was closed in an assembly area at Morenhoven prior to a move toward the west bank of the Rhine. Liaison officer brought word that the 9th Armd Division had seized unexpectedly a bridge over the Rhine at Ramagen at 2300. The Battalion Reconnaissance Party moved out to join the advance party of CCA. Two tank observers, Lt Hayes and Lt Meyer, moved out to join the 17th Tank Bn while three Btry R.O.’s, Lt Haas, Ritter and Heal joined the 23rd Armd Infantry Bn. The battalion was aroused and alerted for movement.

March 7th

Germany -

My darling,

Honey this is going to be a short letter, as I am tired and I want to go to bed.

I received four letters from you today #112, 113, 115 and 116. There are some letters missing before #112, so I will not answer them until I get all your back letters.

In one of your letters you mention Vic Harline, I was sure sorry to hear that. I’m glad you wrote and told me. If you hear any other news, always let me know. I don’t get much home news. It is war, war & more war information over here.

I’ve got everyone at home now, and my family is quite large. Fourteen to be exact. And Betty don’t tell me that this isn’t true. But everyone of them are more trouble than a 5 year old child. Each and everyone want to have his own way. And God knows that cannot be allowed.

Everything is alright. I still don’t have any Purple Heart so I’m the same as I left the states. Maybe a little slimmer and 10 years older - At least you feel that way.

Be good darling - I’d love to go to sleep with you. You know that when I’m awful tired I like to be babied. Well honey tonight is one of those nights - Be good darling - I'd love to see, kiss & hold you tonight -

All my love



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