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March 2nd, 1945

The next day found the forward observers all with their supported units and ready for action. However, the battalion received no movement orders during the day which was a very windy and rainy one. The Bn Commander and Btry Commanders prepared for reconnaissance in the vicinity of Vlatten.

2 Mar 45

Happy birthday darling,

Yes Janey I mean that to the bottom of my heart. Tonight as I sit here I would do anything to be with you. One reason is that I have a sore throat, and what I need is some good peppermint oil and towels around my neck. It is the first one I have had this winter and I would catch it now.

The money order is just surplus money for me. Should be $100.00. Should go into the savings account. Let me know when you receive this Betty.

Now for the last couple days I’ve been busy with payroll etc… Had another steak dinner the other day too. But not as good as a good home cook meal by you.

Sure wish I had some news to tell you. Mail has been very slow so nothing to answer there.

Betty please excuse this letter. I’m not writing much. I’m going to lay down and see what I can do for myself.

Remember darling - I love you - each & every day. I see you soon, I hope - Be good -

All my love



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