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March 21st, 1945

At 0800 on 21 March, CCA, 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion was released from indirect fire mission after firing 2,824 rds during the period they were in position. In the afternoon, Lt Col Milner received instructions from Division Artillery to reconnoiter positions in the vicinity of Notscheid, east of the Rhine River. The reconnaissance was accomplished the following morning and the proposed firing btry positions surveyed in before the Bn recon party returned. In the afternoon, Lt Col Milner departed for three days in Paris. Lt Spahn, who had been wounded in action on 23 Jan 45, reported back to duty. The weather continued to be fair and warm and the nights clear and bright with moonlight which would be helpful if the expected parachutist attack materialized.

March 21


Dearest Betty,

Not very much to write about. I’m still in my old spot. The house with hot & cold running water and my very soft bed. If I stay here very much longer I’m going to become a civilian. This last couple weeks have really been nice. Even the weather has cooperated. I’ve thrown away about every stove I own. This is making more & more room for additional junk. And I really mean junk.

Schwartz is away on pass to Paris. I’ll get one of those passes someday I guess.

Weber has replaced Stumps here. Milner & Stump had trouble and that’s the outcome. Sure am wondering if we lost or gained I’ll let you know how Weber does here.

How is Kay & Rena now? Don’t tell Kay about this. Bill was having it the other day, his own damn carelissness, I haven’t got the particulars on it yet. But his jeep is nothing but junk. He bumped heads with a ¾ T truck. Let you know more later.

Darling there isn’t any more I can think of right now. So I guess I’ll go upstairs and go to bed. Alone again. I don’t like it at all. Sure wish I could get home. The mail situation is bad again. I’ll get a whole sack of mail some day. All letters seem good regardless when you get them. Be good darling. I'd love to hold you right now.

All my love



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