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March 16th, 1945

On the 16th of March, Btry A position was shelled by enemy artillery, causing two slight personal casualties but no damage to material or vehicles. The same day found an increase in the amount of firing, as the battalion total for the day reached 1,201 rds.


16 March 45

My darling;

Three letters in three days. Janey I don’t believe that has happened since I left from England. Well this is going to be short.

No mail again today. Really should get some tomorrow. This morning I just did my routine work around here and this afternoon a clean up of my equipment, so I’m in pretty good shape again. I must have thirty pair of socks and I thought I was almost out. Guess it pays to clean up once in awhile. This morning I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. Ate one can of shrimp however. It sure tasted good too.

Now it is bed time again. This is the first time since I left England that I have a bedroom with a nice bed. Imagine, some German couple was sleeping there a couple weeks ago. Now why ain’t you here to enjoy this with me.

In passing tonight honey they told us we could state our army. It is the 1st. See what a bad guesser you are. Now you should be able to tell more where we are.

Be good darling - I miss you very much - wish I could have a good American Kiss by a certain American girl I love with all my soul - All my love Jack.


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