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March 15th, 1945

During the next few days spring-like weather arrived, giving a lift to morale and an opportunity for personal and vehicular maintenance. After the 14th of March, the harassing fires slackened off somewhat and the men were given the opportunity to take showers and attend motion pictures.


15 March 45

My darling;

I’m not going to write a very long letter honey, but I’ve got a chance to write so I’m going to take advantage of the time.

Today was spent trying to make people happy. I have one tank crew that doesn’t get along. It happened to be Larson’s crew and I’m trying to do my best to get them back together.

Then this afternoon I decided to go on a tour. I went to a hotel. Yes I went to the basement and Betty I’m not telling you any stories. You know the size of your living room that you have. Well that was about 1/15 the size of the basement. In this basement there was nothing but bottled liquor. Brandy, wine, French, Italian and German, Champaign and etc… I never saw so much. If I had $1.00 a bottle I would be rich for life. Well a sergeant and I have a bottle of champagne and I brought home two quarts of brandy. Stump is out tonight to get some. He took three peeps so lord knows how much he will get. I sure hope the men don’t find it. If they do, I’ll have nothing but trouble on my hands for some time.

Took my third bath in three days today. I’m getting to damn clean. I’m already three shades lighter, I don’t even look like a ETO veteran.

Honey I received 3 pounds of candy from from you today. 1lb creams, 2 lbs cherries, and they sure came thru in good condition. Thanks a lot honey. But why can’t you wrap yourself up and send yourself to me. I'd really take good care of you darling. I need you in the very worst way.

Got a package from Aunt Ruth today also. She sent candy plus a can of chicken. She’s a pretty good old aunt, isn’t she? A little fat & wild, but pretty good.

Well darling that is all for tonight. I'll be home soon darling or you will be over here with me in the army of occupation. Be good darling. Remember each day I’m away means you will be loved just that much more when I see you -

All my love


Betty please send me about a dozen 110 volt 100 war 60w bulbs. This is a queer request. I need them for my new generator. Also Schwartz needs some candy. (I need some too)


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