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March 14th, 1945

During the next few days spring-like weather arrived, giving a lift to morale and an opportunity for personal and vehicular maintenance.


14 March

My darling;

Not much news. One thing for sure, I sure wasted this day. I never did job number one. All I did was ride around in the jeep looking for anything. This town we are now in is very beautiful and just full of junk. Everyone is getting everything. I have a 4 passenger Sedan but I had to turn it in until I get it registered. I sure hope I get it back. If I do I’ll take a picture of it and send it to you. I really feel funny in it but driving it is the closest I can get to a civilian job.

Everything is okay. Milner has been in very good moods lately which helps out an awful lot. Tonight we had cherry pie for supper. Everyone sure enjoyed that also.

Betty there isn’t anymore to say. Gee honey I wish this war was over. I sure want to get back to ordinary life. I need you very much darling. More than anyone can ever realize. What I could do with an evening with you.

Good night darling. Be good - I need you now.

All my love



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