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March 12th, 1945

During the night 11-12, the battalion, together with the supporting tanks and tank destroyers, again fired an intense program of harassing fires. The observers with the 38th Armd Inf Bn were relieved by observers from the 440th Armd FA Bn and returned to the Bn area. A total of 984 rds was fired on the 12th of March.

12 March 45


My darling;

It has been four or five days since I last wrote you. It hasn’t been because I haven’t been thinking of you. Take the date and try to think what happened over here. You should guess it.

I’m receiving your air mail Betty, and honestly honey they are a thousand times better than any V-mail. They seem a lot more than just a piece of paper.

Guess you're pretty busy talking to Elsworth Gillow. Glad you told him that I’ll probably take you away from Three Oaks when I get home. Janey don’t take me wrong. But that has been in my mind ever since you started. How would you react to giving up that job. If I could be sure, and I am, that you wouldn't be hurt too much on leaving there.

I think both of us could settle down to a good marriage. Have a real home, and everything that goes with it, Janey. Yes, even the smallest and newest thing in the world, a baby. - Enough of that.

You asked about me receiving letters from Kay & Clem. Well none from Kay and a one page, short note from Clem about my Captaincy.

I’m glad you heard from Sergeant Chishire, I really didn’t think he would write you. It was a surprise to me also.

I’m sort of interested in that oil painting. Guess I’ll have to wait until after the war before I see it.

On Feb 25th you again attempted to guess my army - Again you are wrong. You are surely the worst guesser I have ever seen.

You sure are having your trouble with the car. Well Janey it is to be expected. The car is getting a little old and then it has been under uneven care for almost a year.

Betty what did I say to mom about her meeting me when I came home? I don’t remember telling her anything. I have already told you that we are going to meet each other and be with each other a while before we face the mob. Please tell me what I have said that makes you feel different.

Now for myself. Nothing new. I’m quite sure I have lost two rolls of film out of three I had developed. ⅓ return, pretty good isn’t it.

Honey I’ve got to close and get to work. I’ll try and write you another letter very soon -

All my love


German Stationary

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