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June 9th, 1945

June 9th, 1945

Konnern, Germ.

My darling:

Another day has gone. Well to start this day it was Saturday, so sure enough we had inspection of men in ranks. Then this afternoon we had a parade, and there were more German people watching us then there were of us. Incidentally this town has a population of about 4,000. So you see it made quite a group when they watch us. Betty over here we are on parade or review every time we step out of the house. Everyone watches every move we made.

Tonight I’m having another battery party. And it is now 11:00 P.M. and everything seems to be going okay. But for myself I cleaned up and got all dressed up in my E.T.O. Jacket & trousers. I really look nice. Honey what do you look like all dressed up. I sure wish I could see you all fixed up. When I get home I want to see you all dressed up. I also saw the show “Meet me in St. Louis.” It seemed to be a very good show.

Well darling, that is about all for tonight. For some reason tonight I been thinking very much about your dress. I sure don’t know why. Be good darling and I’ll be thinking of you always. Hope I have a good dream of you tonight.

All my love


P.S. Send me some crackers honey.


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