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June 8th, 1945

June 8th

Konnern, Germ.

My darling:

Another day gone bye. Nothing new happened at all today. Spent the morning in painting half tracks and then this afternoon it rained. Now this evening it is very warm again, so will probably get rain again.

Major Weber and I went to the show this evening. Saw “Three's a Family.” It was the same stage show I saw by in New York, over a year ago. The show wasn’t very much good either. The sound was terrible.

Didn’t receive any mail today. The Life magazine is coming about a month late, but that isn’t a bit bad. And I sure enjoy it also. We got a half done copy of “Life” also, but I’d rather have the full edition.

Janey, tell me whether you like this short letter often or try and write a long one twice a week.

Betty you don’t know how much your husband misses you. Sometimes I feel so low and then again I have high hopes of coming home. Sure wish I could come home without going to China. But if I have to go there, I think I would rather stay here awhile to scout this theater occupation. Darling be good, and write often like you do. You don’t know how much your letter means to me.

All my love



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