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June 6th, 1945

June 6th, 1945

Konnern, Germ.

My darling;

Received your letters of May 27th & 28th today. The first in about a week I sure look forward to them also.

Well today was a holiday. Only had one formation, and believe it or not I took it. Gave the listing of the battalion for the last year. I talked for about 35 minutes and called it a day.

I had a German make bread for me today and it turned out wonderfully. I’m going to have them do this for me each day. Also had some ice cream made from powder with powdered eggs and sugar. Had good success there also. It was the first some of the men have had since we left the states.

Got my E.T.O. Jacket out of the tailor and it really looks good too. I’ll get a picture made of myself all dressed up. Gosh I wish I could get dressed up and go out with a certain girl.

Sorry you and Bev don’t get along too good. There is nothing I can say. She always has belittled a lot.

Well darling this is a short letter but I’m going to try a write smaller ones and write each day.

All my love


P.S. - You can send another box.


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