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June 5th, 1945

June 5, 1945

Konnern, Germ.

My darling;

Just sitting at my desk wondering what to do next. There sure isn’t much going on.

Yesterday was spent in routine garrison duties. And then last night after everything was done I laid down and fell asleep. Finally woke up about 10:30. Went down stairs and had some tomato soup you sent me.

Today I made arrangements at a bakery to get bread made for the battery. Also got an ice cream plant in operation, and they will start producing tomorrow. I will sure be glad when those two start. Rations have been bad. Other than that honey not much going on.

Betty of all the countries I been in over here I think Holland is the nicest. The morals of the Germans are not very good. A girl of seventeen or eighteen think of only one thing. And each night they parade up and down in front of the battery area. I know damn well this no fraternization policy is not effective. So many people, and especially most G.I. are out to get all they can. And in this town they are certainly getting all they can count.

But it sure makes some people feel better. Just another reason to get out of and stay out of this army. Captain Swanson, the medical officer left today for another outfit. Expect there will be plenty of transfers.

We were told today that the newspapers in the States said the 7th was coming home. Someone was certainly off. We may be wishing that but I’m afraid that isn’t so.

Betty one year ago tomorrow I left the states. Yes right on D. Day. Can’t you somehow get me home. I sure want to come. Sometimes I get so lonesome I really don’t know what to do with myself. It seems when everything goes wrong you think of your wife. Honey I almost do anything to get home.

Be good darling. I love you very very much. I sure wish I could hold someone so very tight. I need you badly honey.

All my love


P.S. you better send me a package of something.


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