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June 5th, 1944

June 5th

My darling:

I was supposed to write you last night, but I got so busy doing my work I just didn’t have time again. You will understand my statement some day.

Believe it or not. I received your letter of May 29th yesterday. It sure is terrible the way this mail is. And it doesn’t make you feel good either.

From your letter your visit to South Bend cost us another ten to fifteen dollars. Well if you can do that I can buy a pair of shoes and two new cotton sheets. Which I have done already.

Betty the reason I wonder if you were getting careless about your appearance was cause I know that you do have a small tendency to rest and then get cleaned up. And I wish I could have you in cotton dresses from morning till night. You really look pretty all fixed up in a bright cotton dress. Honey I wish I could see you now.

Honey I wish I knew what to write you. Anything I say can be held against me. The enlisted men are getting the same way. Their letters are getting shorter and shorter. Really someday I can tell you everything.

Got myself a box of candy today. Plan on keeping it until I get there. Everything is going the same as usual. I had to work last week but now I’m loafing and waiting again.

Well honey this isn’t much of a letter, but I’m trying to do my best. I love you very very much and what I need most is you darling. After this war I’ll never let you leave me again. I need you and wish I had you - Be good -

All my love



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