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June 3rd, 1945

3 June 45

Konnern, Germ.

My darling:

Another Sunday. They seem so long and lonesome. Hope I don’t spend many more of them here.

Well Janey yesterday morning I went down to Weimar and purchased some new clothing. I had to buy an E.T.O. Jacket, as it is called. It is a substitute for the blouse. Also a hat and trousers to match. So that cost about $30.00. It's really the first new stuff I bought since I left the states.

Weimar is about 80 miles from here so it took most of the day. I got back here at 3:00 P.M. and I started working on the battery party I had last night. I had invited all the Polish and French girls to the party. As a passing point, I should say I saw their leaders and they in turn got the girls for us. For once in their life they had too many girls. Some became tired because nobody would dance with them and went home. I can still say honestly i have had nothing to do with any girl not even to dance with or anything else. I just don’t enjoy that sort of stuff. What I want is you.

Well anyway the party and dance broke up at 02:30AM. And now everyone wants another party. I’ll probably arrange for another next Saturday.

Today I haven’t done much except make up the new schedule for this week and assign the different job of tracking. Yes honey just the same as it was in garrison. Only worst you really have to be a genius to keep the men morale up.

The officers are having a party tonight. And they are the same as before, if someone makes a remark everyone of lesser rank is supposed to laugh. I’ll wish I could get out of the army.

I got the parachute packed this morning so it should be there in a few weeks. I really hope you can make something out of it. The mail is in. I’m going to see if I got a letter. I didn’t get any yesterday. Betty be sure and let me know when you get those two one hundred dollar money orders from me.

No mail today. Now I should get some tomorrow.

I’ve got to get busy darling, so I’ll close. Can’t you arrange somehow to get me home. I sure wonder what civilian life in the states is. Maybe I’ll find out some day.

All my love



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