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June 2nd, 1944

June 2nd

My darling:

I’m using new stationary tonight. It seems that everyone has used mine, so now I don’t have any. Tonight Jones & Campbell and myself went and saw the show “Ladies in Washington” It wasn’t too bad. And on the way back I bought this stationary.

Bill pulled my O.D. for me tonight. This will make up for one of the times he owes me.

Betty I drew the rest of April and all of May pay yesterday. I’m going to keep it all so if and when something happens I’ll have enough money with me. It amounted to $80.00 more or less. So should and will get your $200.00

Do you remember D.V. Reynolds, the supply Sgt I left behind during LA. Well he is in trouble with a girl in New York. She is going to have a baby. I fixed things up for him to get married in New York tomorrow. I was quite pleased when he took off tonight.

Honey I wish I would get a letter from you. The last letter I received was written one week from yesterday. I haven’t heard anything from you since the phone call. Gee I wish I would get a letter. I’ll probably end up by getting two or three at a time.

Honey this is all for tonight. I miss you, that you know. I love you, and that is no news either. Honey I hope we are with each other soon. I need you badly. Be good - All my love to you. And be sure & tell mom hello -

All my love



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