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June 29th, 1944

29 June 44


My darling;

It has been some time since I’ve received a letter from you. I heard a rumor our mail had been held up also, but I suppose it is like every other rumor.

Nothing new to report. Everything is the same. My work is slowing down a little, and it sure should. And we both knew it couldn’t keep up.

I am writing on a table which insists on wobbling all over the floor and so my writing is worse today than usual.

Honey I don’t know much to write about. I still can’t tell you anything about this country. Another thing, I have never seen much of this country anyway.

Well honey I know this is short, but it at least lets you know I’m thinking of you. Betty I miss you a terrible lot and I guess my main desire is to get home to you as fast as I can. Maybe someday soon I will. Let’s hope the combined English & American force go thru France fast and get this war over.

Is your mother happy over Dewey’s nomination? I am going to vote Democratic just to nullify her vote. Be good. I love you



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