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June 28th, 1945

Halle Germ.

28 June 45

My darling:

Well darling three days since I wrote. Many things have happened in this time. The division isn’t the Seventh Anymore. It is just a make up of men eligible for discharge. And honey my time here is very short. So don’t be surprised if you get a change of address from me. I don’t think Maye or Ferrell will go with me. They both have 12 points up on me for their kid. Sure hope I get to come through the states if I’m transferred.

Everything’s the same about here. In other words everyone is running around with their head cut off.

Well darling it is after eleven already. So I’m going to bed. Let’s hope that you and I get together very soon. Betty I’ve missed you an awful lot, and I hope somehow that we will never be apart this long ever again - Be good -

All my love



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