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June 26th, 1944


26 June 44

My darling;

Another day and it is just the same. Absolutely nothing happens, you can’t even get a good rumor started. Everyone just goes on and on, wondering what the end will bring.

Well this time honey I have all your mail here with me so I’m going to check them for questions and try to answer them.

Honey save the Eagle brand milk for candy this fall. It’s cool enough here for it. But it won’t be very good for it while it is in the states. It seems it is never over 60 degree temperature over here.

Ken Wilson is over here on this side. We don’t know what he is doing but that is the story.

Well honey I finished reading your letters of June 9-16 over again and there don’t seem to be too many questions, if any that I haven’t answered.

Betty will you use either Air-mail or regular mail. V-mail seems to be slower than the rest, at least that what everyone said.

Honey I haven’t anymore to say. You know how much I love you. I wish I was home with you right now. Be good. I love you very much.

All my love



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