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June 25th, 1945

25 June 45

Halle, Germ.

My darling:

Another day. I got your 18 June letter today. Honey aren’t you putting those money orders that I send home into savings? You spoke of spending one for the June bond and the other four were putting in the checking account because you were going to South Bend. Well I ask you how we stood on our money some time ago. So I should be getting an answer soon. While combat was going on I never wrote anything down and so I lost complete contact with it. Also I don’t remember what we had when I left home.

Not much happened today. All morning was spent on miscellaneous jobs and this afternoon 1st Sergeant Dykes and myself made a trip of the area trying to get eggs for breakfast. No luck, maybe will be able to get some tomorrow. At least we found one that promised us some tomorrow.

Shirley’s on the war path again tonight. So I’m staying close to the telephone, so if he calls I’ll be able to take care of him.

Darling that is about all this evening. I’m sure in the mood to return home. I bet I waste ten hours a day thinking about you. I sure would like to see what a dressed up girl looks like. Darling I miss you an awful lot. Here is a big kiss by air mail.

All my love


I’m still asking for packages -

Where are they?

Honey how many requests do you have on hand.


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