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June 25th, 1944

Sunday evening

25 June 44

My darling:

Another Sunday and a very lonesome one too. I sure wish I could come home. Betty I honestly can say I’ll never want to come back to this country again. I can’t state any reason but some day you will know.

For some reason I never have your letter at the same place that I write you. But the last letter I received was postmarked 16 June, so your letters are coming thru good. If V-mail is four days faster we will go back to air mail.

Betty this is the coldest country. Every day I wear my field jacket and gloves. But that does keep me warm. I wonder how it is going to be in the winter. I hope I’m not here to find out.

Have finally found a place to get Coca-Cola by the glass. They charge 3 pences for that. Now you figure that one out. Ok a pence is worth 1.7cents of our money. So it is still close to a nickel. This English money can mess you up very easily.

Betty, you carry the entire bank balance in your check book. Why? Because I won’t be using any of it anyway. Right now it is almost payday and I’ve got about 8 pounds left and no place to spend it. Also don’t be surprised if I send money orders or cable money home to you. If I don’t use it. You might as well save it for future use. We should be saving a lot of money right now.

Did you ever find those bonds. I hope so. Betty you should put them in the bank the same day you buy them. But it's too late to suggest things like that anyway.

Well honey I’m going to close for now. Be good - Betty I love you so much. Wish I could be home tonight. I’m cold.

All my love


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