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June 24th, 1945


24 June 45

Halle, Germ.

My darling:

I got your 17 June letter today in which you ask me to answer three questions. To visit Richard and Edwin. Richard is in Dortmund honey and that is many miles away. After all troops get to the American Zone of Occupation I’ll probably be able to look them up but at the present time it is impossible because of the distance involved. I do not know where Edwin is at all.

Well Honey this started to be a very hot day. Now it is raining.

Had a Saturday inspection and parade. Sure enough Martin showed up for it. Also played another softball game against the Inf. Battalion. We play softball every other day. It sure is much better that way too.

Wrote mom early this afternoon. So that finished her off for a week.

Honey I’m awful glad we been born in the States and not here. The morals of all European nationality are worse than anything that can ever be thought of. They better get the dependents of many people over here before many homes are broken. I’ve never seen so much carrying on as there is going on now. Officers are worse than the men, I believe. At least the men aren’t so open with it.

We get a rubber issued each month for the men. Well honey they have used up ½ of July's issue already. Don’t mention this to people at home. It's just as good they don’t know exactly what goes on.

Another thing that is quite talked about over here are the vacation that Congressman are having over here. The group that came with Senator Wheeler spent exactly two days inspecting troops and that was at Divisional Headquarters. The rest of their time was spent in Paris, French Riviera, and many other of the European vacation spots. And they spent about a total of six weeks over here. Oh yes, they had a private airplane for themselves.

Betty that is only a few things that have happened around here. When I get home and get talking you will find out more.

Be good darling - I judge all my actions on the idea, “I wonder if I would want Betty to do that.” And that answer to that question settles all questions for me. But I really want to get away from it all. I love you darling - very much -

All my love


P.S. I’m out of food - when are all those packages - Let’s have one.


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