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June 23rd, 1944

June 23, 1944

My darling;

Another day has gone by and honey I’m very sleepy tonight. By not getting any sleep at all last night I should be tired.

I’ve been down in Moyer’s room for about an hour. He had some pictures of Fred jr. and boy is he proud. I wish you could see them. And as I was looking at both Rena and the baby’s picture my mind was only on you. Gee how I would love to see you honey.

They tried to put Penny’s promotion thru again yesterday. As yet it hasn’t come back so maybe this time it will go thru. Well we will see.

Farrell is going on a trip for a couple weeks. He is quite disgusted about it, but it’s about time he got some sort of a detail.

Well honey the V-mail are short but at least you know I’m safe and sound if I write and that is the main reason for all my letters. Don’t worry about me darling. I love you very much. I hope we see each other soon. All my love.


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