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June 22nd, 1944

June 22, 1944

Somewhere in England

My darling;

I’ve got plenty of time to write you tonight, as I’m duty officer and you know what that means. This is the first one I have pulled for myself since you went home. What would make the time go faster would be you here to play cards, etc, with me.

Nothing new has happened to us lately. My work is still as heavy as it was and will be that way for a while yet. Williams is in the hospital but no one knows what is the matter with him. Bill is still gone so you see there is not much activity. Lyle is gone, so he is probably working now. He had some vacation.

Got three letters from you yesterday. Gee I like to receive mail from you. I don’t have them with me now so I won’t try and answer any of your questions. Got one from Mom today, wondering about my writing. She accused me of not writing. Well her mail is probably tied up too. I sure hope you are getting your mail alright as of this day.

I’m so sleepy tonight I can hardly keep my eyes open. But I got to stay awake. I brought over a can of salmon, grapefruit juice and bread to eat to keep me awake. Hope I can last until morning.

Betty I hope this war gets over soon. I’m sure going to be ready for all out home life with you. I dream more of you now then I ever did, I don’t know why. Guess I’m just plain lonesome for you . I could go for another New York stay right now. Gee that was fun when we were there. How about meeting me there some day. I never did get in there to see a baseball game. Oh well I’ll wait and go with you. Guess I’ll walk around again, may be I will wake up a little.

Well here I am much later. I think I fell asleep for awhile. At least at five in the morning and I laid down at 0130. Betty darling, I love you very much and wish I had some thing to write I could say plenty but you know censorship regulations.

All my love



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