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June 21st, 1945

Halle, Germ.

21 June 45

My darling;

Boy this is a hot day. And the plumber wasn’t here today to fix my bath tub, either, so I’m just as sticky tonight as ever.

Today was more routine than ever. Not a damn thing to do. This afternoon I spent pulling duty officer for the Battalion. I do this quite often.

Received your letters of June 11 and 12th. Honey just how do we stand financial now. How much in war bonds, saving account and checking account. I don’t have any idea where we stand.

Glad you finally figured out where Konnern is. I have sent you an atlas of the country which has most every town and village on it. So when you receive it, you will be able to follow me much better.

The $5.00 you sent Bev is okay darling. I’m going to write her a letter sometime this week. I’ll let you know when I do.

Take care of my insurance for me.

Betty there isn’t any more to write about. Can’t we somehow get together. I’m sure in need of you. Now that this fighting is over. I miss you ten times as much. Each and every evening. I think only of you -

Be a good girl - I love you very much

All my love


Some picture Bev Sent

Also where are my soda crackers PLEASE SEND



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