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June 20th, 1945

20 June 45

Halle, Saal

Kris Germ.

My darling:

Two days have passed and I haven’t written, so I’m sure writing tonight.

There sure hasn’t been much going on. I really haven’t did a thing since yesterday morning. So consequently I haven’t anything to write about.

Last night however I followed up my deal, which was for something that I lost in Nashville, but I didn’t have any luck. I’ll still see if I can find one over here, someplace.

It has been terrifically hot today. Sure wish my bath tub was in working order tonight.

Betty did you ever send me any soda crackers. If you did I never received them, and I sure wish you would send some.

Janey we were transferred to the Seventh Army the other day. So you can figure out from that just about what our assignment will be.

Be a good girl. I love you very very much. Sure could sleep in a cool room with a breeze blowing over me with some girl on my right. I love you very much -

All my love


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