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June 1st, 1945

1 June 45

Konnern, Germany

My darling:

I’m ashamed of myself for not writing in the last five days. But Betty I had two meetings and two court martials so that took care of every night and with payday yesterday, I’ve been kept busy.

I’m enclosing two one hundred dollar money orders. I sure don’t need the money. I drew both April & May pay so the army don’t owe me anything.

Betty we are in the North Army at present. And none of us know what is going to happen to us. Sure wish I knew. Got two packages today #33 and 34. Both had popcorn in them so I surely will pop that tonight. Also three letters. So Bob came & gone already. Sure wish I could have come home. Also stated that Warren had left for the Pacific. He sure has had it nice and in the navy it is a lot better than the army. At least you have a bed to sleep in each night. In the army I never sleep in one from Aug until once in February and then now.

Betty you and I really screwed up on this point system. Guess it was mostly my fault. Look what they get for having children. That is worth 12 month service or 6 month of combat. I sure don’t see how it could count that much, but that is the way it goes. If I would have had one child I would have had 86 points, but the way it is I only have 74. So you see I’m sweating out a Pacific assignment. Sure hope I don’t get in any other unit.

Well darling that is about all for this day. I’ll write you again tomorrow. At present I don’t know of a single thing coming up.

I miss you terrible honey - guess I’ll come home.

All my love



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