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June 1st, 1944

The 31st of May 1944, a reduction of 23 basics was ordered by a change per War Department letter and Letter Orders, Headquarters 7th Armored Division, 31, May 1944. This now gave the 489th a total of 489 enlisted men, 31 officers and 2 warrant officers (including 3 officers and 5 enlisted men on advance detail).

June 1st.

My darling;

Another day gone by, and no letter from you. It takes about a week for your mail to come. No letter yesterday or today. Sure wish I would receive them oftener then that.

Nothing new to report. Everything is back to normal. I wish something would happen. But I guess I just have to keep wishing.

Tonight I took a walk for about an hour or so. Just had to get out alone and walk and think. Betty I’ve never been so lonesome, jumpy and restless as now. I don’t know why?

Bill went out again last night. After he paid everyone back and went to town he has spent all his money again. So he will probably start borrowing again.

Betty this isn’t much of a letter, I know. But honey I don’t have anything to write or say. Maybe your letter will come tomorrow so I can answer questions or something.

Gee honey I hope , and pray, we get together soon again. I need you and I hope you need me. Be good - I love you always - All my love



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