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June 18th, 1945

June 18

Halle, Saul Krees


My darling;

Just another routine day. Nothing really happened exciting until tonight. When we got a call that some Poles were beating up some Germans. I took 2 halftracks and my jeep. Put the halftrack in front of the Poles’ camp and fired about two bursts with the machine guns. Then took my jeep in and fired about ten rounds with the 40 cal. Pistol. And then the eight fellows that caused all the trouble came out, and that ended the trouble. Those eight are in the jail at Halle -

No mail now for three days. I sure hope I get some tomorrow.

Got a deal on tomorrow night that I’ll write you about then.

Well Honey I still miss you terribly. Can’t you get me home somehow - I love to sleep with you.

All my love,


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