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June 17th, 1945

Halle, Germ.

17 June 45

My darling:

I didn’t write yesterday. And I really didn’t have any reason for not doing it either.

Yesterday morning we had inspections and then in the afternoon we paraded. Boy what a rough field we had to parade on to.

Then last night I just laid about and thought over many of things, but as usual I never get any place thinking.

This morning I spent my time doing routine personnel time, but this afternoon I spent 21/2 hours flying with Dennis, and honey from the air this country is beautiful. We flew over konnern quite a few times and all over this area which we are located.

Nothing new to report. Everything is the same, but Janey I’ve got to get home soon, very soon. This place is driving me crazy. And some of the men are doing things which someday they will be very sorry for. I think you know what I mean. There is only of few officers that stay at home nights now.

Betty be good - I love you so very much and I always will.

All my love


P.S. You can send another package -

Also here are a few pictures for you.


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