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June 15th, 1945

Halle Germany

June 15, 1945

My darling;

Just another day here and much to our surprise no rain.

This morning I spent doing routine battery work but this afternoon I got a beer tavern fixed up for the battery. You have to do something all the time to keep all them happy.

I also got Shirley’s party arranged and it's going on right now. So far no phone call so I imagine everything is going along right fine. I knew if anything went wrong. I would be the first to be called and if everything is ok. I’ll be the last to be thanked.

Received package #34 today. Contains soup, olives and bitter sweet chocolate. Thanks a lot honey I’m eating the olives now. Received your 4 June letter today. And you asked a very hard question about whether I would want occupation or combat. Honey I would rather have occupation, if I got to say in the army. I had enough fighting. But I would much rather come home and serve in the states or return to civilian life. I wonder if I’ll be as lucky to draw that kind of an assignment.

Be a good girl honey. I sure am behaving myself even though I have said many I don’t think are. What’s fair for you is fair for me. And I know how I want you to act, so I’m acting accordingly. I love you very much my darling.

All my love


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