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June 13th, 1945

13? June 45

Halle, Germ.

My darling:

I missed writing you last night. We had a long Battery. Commander. call. We got talking about Venereal Disease, and spent over an hour on that.

Honey I’ve got something. I really want to know about. Milner is up at Division on special duty and Shirley has taken over temporarily in his absence. Well yesterday I was ordered mind you ordered, to fix a special dinner next Friday night for Col Martin & Div Artillery Exec Major Weber and himself. And mind you to be served on a sun porch, not at the kitchen or officer mess. He wants steaks, fresh peas, french fried potatoes and two deserts. Honey that is the lowest form of ass kiss I ever seen, Pardon me. Everyone here is quite disgusted about it. I hope Col Milner says something to me. I’m almost tempted to blow my top. So far I’m doing a good job keeping my temper yet.

Nothing new to report. Been doing just normal duties the last couple days. Tomorrow I went to find a ice cream place and a tailor for the battery. We have a lot of clothes that need altering.

Janey this is a short letter, but I’m trying to do better in my writing. Do you think I’m improving or not. Some day I’ll be home again and you can write all the letters again.

Be a good girl darling - I love you very very much -

All my love


You can send another package of food!

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