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June 12th, 1945

12 June 45

Halle, Germ.

My darling:

You can see by the new address that I moved from Konnern to Halle this morning. And to be sure it rained for the move. Well this time Meyer and I have an apartment for ourself. I arranged it so every officer would have this much room.

In our apartment we have a bath, kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom. That isn’t bad is it honey?

This afternoon was spent getting people settled and telling Germans to get out of my way and out of these houses. They sure can be a pest if they want to.

Received your letter of June 4th in which you speak of Launa Potter again. You would sure like to have Warren and her get married. Maybe I would like to see it too. Janey do you remember the way you were asked to marry me. Well the same will happen to Warren I’m sure. One thing for sure darling. I’m not at all sorry that we got married. I’ve got so much more to look forward to. And you are on my mind each minute of the day.

Be a good girl darling. Pray I come home soon to stay. I need you now. Good night darling. And here is a big-kiss for you darling.

All my love



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