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June 11th, 1945

11 June 45

Konnern, Germ.

My darling:

I sure am tired tonight. I got up early this morning and went on patrol for a new area. I found it and we are going to move there tomorrow. Tomorrow I can tell you where it is.

I didn’t sleep very good last night at all. Maybe that is one reason I don’t feel too full of it.

Another officer party tonight. It will be the same old stuff. Sit around and drink.

Had ice cream for the battery again tonight, but this time I had fresh strawberries to put on it. They sure went for it in a big way.

Got your June 3rd letter today. From the paper it sounds as though the weather man has sure given everyone a queer spring. I bet all the fruit is finished by now.

Honey, this isn’t much, but I’m going to lay down a little and sleep before I go. And it is 7:00 PM now and it starts about 8:00. Be good honey. I’d rather come home and stay right there for three weeks in the same room alone, than go to these. You know how much I like battalion officer parties - I love you very very much my darling.

All my love



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