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June 10th, 1945

10 June 45

Konnern, Germ.

My darling:

Sunday, but just another day for me. Got up in time for 8:00 o’clock breakfast. We had French toast this morning for a change. After that I just sat around and spent the time doing nothing. I did include a bath in the morning schedule however.

This afternoon has been less exciting. I came back from dinner and laid down in the middle of the living room floor, just like home, and fell asleep. Now when I woke up everyone is gone. Guess they’re out exercising or out fraternizing with some Polish German speaking girl. Betty there are ten Polish German speaking girls here to one German, German speaking girl. They have found out if they say they are Polish they can go with American soldiers. And tell me honey how can you tell the difference between a Polish and German girl? There just isn’t any way. The officers are just as bad as the enlisted men, some are worse.

The division is having an officer school and Milner is going up. So Shirley is taken over the Battalion. Now things will really happen. I can see already about four or five changes, such as radio in officers mess and etc…

I really think I have a nice mess. The table sits 15 officers and we had white tablecloths and napkins. Also flowers on the table. Have two girls that act as waitresses. They are 17 and 18 years old respectively. They were very nice help until a couple of officers saw fit to date them. Now they have a queer attitude about their work. I am sure against anyone dating any girl that I employ in the Battery or Battalion set up. Milner doesn’t agree with me. But Shirley does.

Last week I had a little trouble with a couple staff officers at the battery party. Milner got ear of it and gave the staff direct orders not to appear at the battery party I had last night. They sure did not appear either.

This being Sunday I like to have everyone off. But today I made my maintenance section paint vehicles. I sure wish they would get that job done.

Schwartz never did return to the battalion the last I heard from him was in Paris. And that was over a month ago. Guess he never will come back to us.

You ask me to see Richard. I got a letter from him about a week ago. Betty Dortmund is a long, long way from here. If I ever get over that way I’ll do my best to get over and see him. Until then I guess letters will have to do.

Well Janey that is the end of this letter today. How would it seem to lay in bed on a Sunday morning and read the paper and other things we used to do. And for sure not to get dressed until almost dinner time. My first Sunday at home you and I will probably stay in bed until noon. Be a very good girl darling. I’ll do everything I know to get home to you soon. I sure want to see you badly. Say hello to everyone including mom & Mr. Hubbard -

All my love


P.S. Send another package.


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