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July 9th & 10th, 1945

9 July 45


My darling:

Three letters from you today. Glad to get them honey cause I am terrible blue this evening. I want to come home so bad.

10 July 45

I didn’t get very far last night. I went to bed and listened to the radio, and called it an evening. Today was a special Armed Force holiday. So just laid around and did nothing. This afternoon went to the division ball game against the 12th Armored. It was a fairly good game. Nothing up this evening so will sit and listen to the radio when I finish.

Now to answer some of your letters.

Well glad to see you decided not to buy white shoes. Did you save the money, or did you buy something else with it. You know I’m serious about this.

Got your comment about all my pictures being taken in the shade, well here is some more taken the same way. I’ve got a few more with it.

You speak about wanting a new home to listen to the radio and eat potato chips. Yes honey I would be on the floor. I’d give anything to do that. Janey I think more about that than anything I know. And honestly Janey it is a bad thing to think about. Right now they are playing “Cuddle up a little closer” I sure wish I could.

Very much surprised to hear that grandma came back to the farm. Tell her hello. If I ever get ambitious I’ll write her a small note. Think she would like it?

Betty, your answer to my statement on the moral situation sort of surprised me. You just seem to push it off. Well I’m glad you feel that way about it. But Janey I can’t understand human nature that much. It is just as bad now, as I ever seen it. We might just as well run a house. Some officers have women traveling with them now. My respect to Maye. He is in the same opinion as I. Fred and I spend all yesterday afternoon shooting the bull. Saw Lee for awhile, but there is too much other stuff, women, on his mind. Both of them are eligible to get out if 85 points are the figure. Their kid put them over.

You ask me why I never mention Bill Z. Gosh what is there to say about him. You should be able to write me more about him.

Here are two pictures of a group of Germans. In one you can see the dress of the German girl, not much different from American. In the other notice the kids, women, and old men. You never see any men from 18 to 40. They just aren’t to be found. Maybe that is why the soldiers are having such a good time.

Nothing new on transfers yet. But Janey remember this, that the division I’m in 7th Armored, is not the 7th of May 12th. A better name for it is the 7th Armored Division Replacement report. I’ve got thirty of my original men left.

Be good darling - I love you so much -

All my love



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