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July 7th, 1945

7 July 45



My darling;

Another couple days have passed and I’m still in the division, but I’m looking to leave any day.

Had another plane ride today. Davis took me up to 7300 feet and when you get that high you really can’t see an awful lot. It also was the first time I was above the clouds. And honey that sure is a very queer sight. When we came down to 2000 feet we hit a rain storm. All in all it was very interesting.

The division had a ball game against the 158th Armored division today, and they chose us to represent the division. And to be sure we won the game. This battalion has not lost a single ballgame this season.

Honey I can’t think of a thing more to write about. I’m sorry, but this will have to be all. I miss you terrible, hope I see you soon.

All my love



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