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July 7th, 1944


7 July 44

My darling;

I finally received a letter from you yesterday. And honey whatever gave you the idea my address would change? And gee honey I hope you just didn’t stop writing until you heard from me. If you did the mail situation will be bad for another two weeks, I suppose. And it’s been bad enough the last couple weeks.

Now to your letter, mom had told me about the pig deal. You know what I think about it, so that is that. Guess you will never be a lady while you’re home.

You tell me of new things you buy. How about taking pictures and sending them to me, so I can see how you look. You may be fatter or even smaller than I saw you before so when you get something new, get a picture made.

Sorry to hear about your mother’s aunt, but I imagine grandma feels better now that she is back on the farm. Be sure and say hello to her for me.

Now for myself. Everything’s the same. Nothing new, every thing is old. Williams has been taken to a General Hospital because of gall stones, and if they have to operate on him he will be transferred. We will know in the next few days.

They had a shake up. Weber was transferred to Martin’s outfit. Levison took Weber’s job. Sharp took Levison, Lartrem took Sharp’s and I don’t know who got Lartrem’s job. But Ferrell is plenty mad. He thought he was going to get that job. Enough fun that Clem will give you more dope on that.

Well honey I wish I was home, so I could make you be half a lady. I’ll be damn glad for many reasons to come home. I should have given you a baby then you would have had to have been a good girl. Well honey be good, if I can I’ll write you again tomorrow.

All my love



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