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July 4th, 1945

4 July 45


My darling:

You can see by the new heading, we have moved again. Now if you have a map maybe this will help you locate me. Take Route 27 out of Wurzburg going south-east toward Heidelberg. About half way to Heidelberg you will find a town name Buchen. Well I’m about seven miles south of 27 out of Buchen. I hope you have a map. This town is a peasant town. And very dirty and not a thing to do. Everyone will go crazy in this town.

It was certainly a long trip down here. Took two days and then yesterday I had to go find one of my tanks. I back tracked 79 miles to find it. My face is quite burned from all this too.

I been so cold the last two days that you have to have a fire to keep warm. Write now I’m in the kitchen writing and tending the fire.

Milner ran an officer school for three weeks for Division when we were at Halle. Now that he is back he is ten times harder to get along with. I would welcome a transfer. I’m afraid I’m going to get one too. I’ll know before the end of the week, I hope.

I had to put Schwartz on duty at the office mess all the time now. Milner demands so much.

Hellman is popping your corn tonight. I can smell it and I’m getting very hungry.

Honey this is a hell-of-a-way to spend the 4th of July. I hope next year that all wars are over and that I’m home with you for good.

Be good darling - I miss you. And I’m hoping every day to see you soon -

All my love



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