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July 4th, 1944


4 July 44

My darling;

How are you spending the holiday. As for me it is just another day. We are having a party tonight, and they invited English girls, but you know how I go for these parties. I’m right up in my room, still thinking and wishing I was with you. Also I’m wondering why I don’t receive a letter from you. The last letter I have was dated 16 June. And gosh honey everyone else is getting mail but me. Hope nothing is wrong because I do look forward to your letters. I got one from mom today written about the 20th. That’s 14 days, but I got it. It’s now twenty days since I heard a word from you. Enough for that.

Honey I am still physically ok. Mentally, I’m wondering. Everything is about the same. Kotch and I seem to do all the work and Borcherding less each day. Shirley made a remark about me doing all the work at a meeting the other day and Borcherding didn’t like it any too well. But it’s been true. At least I’m getting most of the credit for it now. No news on Williams yet. He may be back sometime next week.

Sgt Schnobil just sent me up a plate of hot raised donuts. He is cooking in the officer mess. Gee honey I miss you. Now how did that remark slip in. I guess honey I was thinking about all the nice meals you cooked for me and how I would love to sit down to a table with you with steak and French fried potatoes, even the 57 sauce. Gee darling I miss that coming home at night for supper and staying around with you in the evening. I hope we can do that very soon. And I hope it will not be any different then from when I left you.

Well honey I got nothing more to say. I hope I get a letter from you tomorrow. I really need one. Be good - I love you much.

All my love



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