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July 2nd, 1944

2 July 44, Sunday


My darling;

Enclosed you will find a clipping from yesterday’s paper. I hope you have some fun with it. And above all things be sure your mother reads it. And then let me know the results.

It’s raining again today. Started about two this afternoon and it now ten and it’s still raining. Someone told me they didn’t have long hard rains in this country. Well I wonder what today is. Regardless of what shoes you wear, you always have a pair to clean mud off each night.

Sgt Harkness and I went on a recon trip this morning. Covered 155 miles all together. Saw a lot of things which I would like to tell you about but can’t.

Betty the English village, small town, is made up of a church, one or two very large homes which are beautiful and the rest of the town is peasants. I really mean the people who are the employees of the large homes. This village must have developed during the medieval lord and cast system. They may of stopped that, but their life is still centered around someone.

Stilma came back from a school and Jones has now gone. Seems as though someone is going each day. But somehow I get out of them all. Div tried to put me on one and the Col blew his top, said I was needed in the Battalion, believe it or not and got me out. Yet nothing ever happens to me. Borcherding knows that I’m gaining favor with HQ and he doesn’t seem to care much either. He did back in the states.

Well honey I’m almost to the bottom of the page and it’s time to go to bed. So I’m going to close. Honey I wish this war with Germany was over, then maybe we would come back to the states and be a service unit, until the war with Japan is over. I sure wish you and I could be together. With you with me, I always think about returning. Hope I get a fast boat & train home. I need you.

All my love



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