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July 26th, 1945

26 July 45


My darling;

Well honey I’m back from my first legal pass in the E.T.O. and I had a very nice time, except I wished many of times that you were with me. I’ll try and let you know exactly what I did.

Sunday morning I left with a ¾ ton truck and six men. Taking out of Wallhaussen south on Route 27. On these road we went thru a town called Hallbronn, which is completely destroyed. We had to take a ferry across the Neckar River to get to Stuttgart. South of there we hit the autobahn, or super highway and didn’t stop until we got to Munchen ( or Munich) where we had some coffee and donuts at the Red Cross House. We then went on down the highway cutting south at Sighsdorf on Rt 306 to Berchtesgaden. The ride from the autobahn to Berchtesgaden, was beautiful. Very steep hills and usually they had a stream of water coming down the side in water falls fashion. We stay in Berchtesgaden Sunday night and all day Monday. Saw many places, including Hitler’s home and what they call “Eagles Nest”, which was Hitler's party and war room. This is located on top of one of the mountains. Janey I have pictures of all these and when I get them developed I send them on home to you.

Monday afternoon we went up to Salzburg, Austria and spend the night there. There is a monument to Mozart in the middle of town. I wanted to take a picture of this, but it was to late in the day. Tuesday we started home. We stopped in Munich again and saw Hitler our hall and came as far as Stuttgart where is billet for the night in what was left of a hotel. That town is pretty bad, but every big town is well beaten up.

Wednesday morning we came on back to the battalion and I spent the afternoon trying to rest. It was over 325 miles one way so you see I can get quite tiresome riding.

Well Janey nothing new on transfers. Surely wish something would happen, so I could tell you when I could come home. I really like to come with the division. But I really don’t expect that break. Be good darling. And I surely hope someday that I’ll be able to be with you. Whether it is in America or Europe. I want to be with you -

All my love



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