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July 21st, 1945

21 July 45


My darling:

Honey it may be two or three days before I write you again. Believe it or not I’m going to Berchtesgaden, Hitlers hideout in the Alps, for three days. I guess Milner thought it was about time to give me a break.

We have got men and officers going to the 1st Armored next week. When those are gone I’ll have eight of my old men left. As yet the officers aren’t announced, but they didn’t call for my type of work.

Everything else is the same. We got up at 03:30 this morning and made a search of the town and as usual didn’t find anything.

Well honey be good. I miss you as much. The fellows saw the inside of my footlocker tonight. They ask me if I would ever go hungry. I have at least ten cans of soup in there.

There is nothing else to write about so I’ll close. Sure wish we could go together tomorrow.

All my love


P.S. Here are some negatives you can get developed.


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