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July 1st, 1944

July 1, 1944


My darling;

Another couple days have passed and I don’t have any letter from you. I certainly hope you are writing. I’m blue enough as it is, and it is only your letters that make me feel half way right.

Saw Maye tonight. He received your V-mail writing June 18th. I also read it, but that wasn’t any letter to me.

Everything is just the same. Just when work was slowing up someone has to decide we needed more, now I have about ten reports a week to get in. We spend all our time on reports it seems, and I can’t see where they mean a thing.

It has rained now for seven straight days. And it just keeps on getting colder all the time. I wore your sweater you made me the other morning. And I like it a lot.

Honey I hope they didn’t hold up our mail too long. I wanted to tell you I was leaving, but there was no way possible, without getting in trouble.

Lee Ferrell is back, and Bill is still gone. A couple days ago they took Don Williams to the hospital. They think he has gall stones and will have to be operated on. Well we will let you know more as I hear the news. Milner is some place for a few days and Stump is running things. Now we can have some fun.

Janey, I don’t know how you feel about this, but it's probably the same. I almost do anything to get back home and have you hold me tight. If I got that close to you, you would have a very hard time with me. I really don’t think you’d try and make me be good at all. Janey really I miss you terrible. Be good. Tomorrow is Sunday so I’ll write again. I love you with all my might darling.

All my love



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