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July 18th, 1945

July 18th, 1945


My darling;

I missed writing last night. Our medical officer, Michael and Geo Schwarz and myself played bridge until eleven. The medical officer, Capt Bray takes his bridge as serious as Clem Ferrell and he has yet to beat me. He does get so mad at all of us.

The last two days have been routine. Not a thing new and for sure Milner and Shirley aren’t doing anything for anyone. They have turned the Battalion over to me the last three afternoons, and it sort of burns me up. Cause then I have to stay at Battalion headquarters and take care of all the visiting ranks, etc. I did take off and take a shower this afternoon. I had to have one, it’s been at least two weeks since the last one.

Got your letter about Clem arriving today. Honey I want to come home to you, so bad, and if I can’t I want you to come to me. Somehow we must get together. I am afraid darling I’m not even able to recognize you in person. I love to be there, too. Maybe soon.

Be good darling - I need you and somehow we will get together.

All my love



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