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July 18th, 1945


18 July 45

My darling;

Received your letter about recovering my box. Betty go ahead and do anything you want with that white silk. Those two yellow flags are German Signal Corps flags. Thought you could think up something to use them for.

Today nothing new happened, same old routine. Milner inspected the battery this morning and found everything ok. Betty it is awful hard to do anything now. You just feel like saying the hell with every thing and go about with some thing that will give you some enjoyment. I'm so bad off I’ve got a catchers mit, gloves and two baseball that I play with every evening.

Well things are getting hot around here again. 1st Armored this time. They are an occupation force. B.C. call in the morning so may get some news there.

Boys are all playing poker again tonight for something to do. Janey in Waldenhaussen there isn’t one single thing for a person to do.

Well darling be good - I love you very much. - Thinking of you always -

All my love



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