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July 12th, 1945

12 July 45


My darling;

I didn’t write you last night. Had Maye over for supper. Hope he enjoyed the meal. We certainly didn’t have anything special

It rained all day yesterday so I really didn’t do much work. Today it was different, a very nice day so I started to reform my battery. Got a lot done too. But we had a battery Commander meeting this afternoon and now I got more to do then I can complete in a weeks time. Col Milner told me I could send my clothes to the dry cleaner next Tuesday. So I don’t have any idea on when my transfer will take place.

Be good darling. There’s nothing else to say or write about. I sure hope I get to come home with the division in September, but I’ll be surprised if I do.

I love you very much darling.

All my love



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